Couples Counseling

When is the right time for a couple to see a therapist?

Couples should seek therapy long before they think they “need” to. Most experts believe that therapy can be an important part of your relationship. Most issues within a couple start small and then grow in size when they don’t get resolved. I work with couples struggling with financial difficulties, infidelity and substance abuse issues.

The first session typically involves the therapist getting to know you, discussing the areas of the relationship they hope to improve and setting goals.

Couples counseling is also a good idea if one of you is coping with an issue that might be affecting your relationship (such as depression) or simply if you’re feeling stuck and stagnant in your relationship. Therapy can provide a safe space to talk about sensitive topics such as sex.

You might also consider couples counseling to help support you at times of major life change and transition. Getting married, becoming parents for the first time, moving, changing jobs, losing jobs, becoming empty-nesters, coping after extramarital affairs, recovering from addiction, caring for aging parents, all of these transitions can destabilize a couple’s equilibrium.

Couples counseling affords an opportunity to negotiate these transitions with as little disruption as possible and to explore and honor what a particular transition means to each partner.

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Is it hard to enjoy life? Does it feel like you have a dark cloud hanging over your head?

Depression is more than just feeling sad. It can consume your life and rob you of joy. Maybe you have tried other things to cope – talking with friends or taking medications – and now nothing seems to be working. Counseling is an effective way to help alleviate depression. I help my clients find hope again. Call me to discuss how to overcome depression and get your life back.


Relationship Issues

Do your relationships feel like they are too much work? Are you tired of fighting with your partner or family member? Is it exhausting to try and communicate with People?

Relationships are everywhere – work, home, school, etc. and they can be a challenge. But, relationships don’t have to take over your life. Often times, people are struggling with setting boundaries or limits with others and in turn they end up overwhelmed and hurt. I work with clients to help them improve the quality of their relationships. I teach tools to help with communication, build self esteem and help you speak up for what you need.


Life Transitions

Do you want to make a major change in your life but don’t know how? Are fears or other obstacles holding you back?

Life is full of transitions. Every now and then we have major transitions that can really leave us feeling stuck. Maybe you aren’t satisfied with your career, but the thought of starting over just feels too overwhelming. Perhaps, too, you might be ready to start finding a more meaningful relationship in your life, but you feel insecure and incapable of taking any risks to meet someone.

What if I told you there is hope and possibilities are out there? I work with my clients to help them move forward in their lives and embrace life instead of avoid it. You don’t have to be immobilized by your fears and anxieties. Are you ready to get unstuck?


Grief & Loss

Have you recently lost someone close to you? Even as time has passed, do you still feel sad, lonely, or frustrated? Does moving on feel like an impossible thing to do?

In one second, your whole world can feel like it is crashing down on you. Your moods might fluctuate between anger, sadness, confusion, and numbness. And sometimes when you are on this roller coaster of emotions, you may feel even more alone, as though no one can understand your pain.

If grief is left without being expressed in a healthy way, it can lead to severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Therapy can help you understand and talk about your loss. I specialize in working with people that are grieving. It does not matter if the loss was recent or a long time ago, it still can impact your every day life.

I work with my clients to help them cope with their feelings of sadness and loss so that it doesn’t rob them of the joy they can have in life.